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Hello to all and welcome to the Rockcliffe Park Residents Association. We hope to keep you informed of activities in our community, and civic matters that have an impact on your life in the community. If you wish to contribute or have any comments, please send them to one of our Board members listed in the Contact section. Enjoy.

Where in the world are we? Right here!


What's Current

Important DATES for 2016. Meetings are open to everyone.


RPRA Board Meetings start at 7:15 pm and end at about 10:00 pm


Heritage Committee Meetings start at 7:30 pm and end at about 9:00 pm

The SPEAKER'S PROGRAM for Winter 2016 is finalized as follows. Details can be viewed here:


Helping Refugees through Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre (RRCRC)

The RRCRC, located at 225 Donald Street (suite 120), helps new Syrian arrivals and needy families with an impressive range of programmes. Residents can support their work with donations of goods or through tax-deductible donations. Click here for more


Latest Newsletter - April, 2016

newsThe latest newsletter is in your mail box and can also be read here.


Past issues of the Newsletter are posted on the Reports page.


The latest Annual Report for 2015 is available at 2015 RPRA Annual Report


2015 Survey of Residents

In 2015, the Communications committee of the RPRA surveyed all the residents to better respond to community needs, expand membership among RP residents, and build on the strong sense of community.

The 2015 survey was distributed to all RP residents with the August newsletter. An electronic version of this survey was emailed to all members of the RPRA with email addresses on file. The survey was also available on the website at www.rockcliffepark.ca.

By the end of October 2015, 119 responses (51 paper+ 68 electronic) had been received – giving a response rate of 17%. The report is summarized here .


Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District Plan

The Heritage Conservation District of Rockcliffe Park is getting its own Heritage Conservation District Plan. Under the Ontario Heritage Act, all heritage conservation districts will have a Plan. This gives Rockcliffe Park the opportunity to strengthen heritage protection within the Village.

The Heritage Committee of the RPRA has worked for many months with the City's Heritage Planner to prepare the draft Plan. Public consultation is a legislative requirement before the Plan is approved by Council.

The Built Heritage Subcommittee approved the draft Plan on January 14. here is a link to the Plan amendments brought to that meeting. The Planning Committee approved the draft Plan on January 26 with revised amendments here . The draft Heritage Conservation District Plan will next go to City Council for approval on February 10, 2016. here is a link to the draft Plan. Once approved, the Plan amendments approved by the Planning Committee will be incorporated into the final Heritage Conservation District Plan.


Update from the CLC - Rockcliffe Lands

The public consultation process for the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan (CDP), which Canada Lands Company started in Fall 2012, resulted in broad consensus on a draft preferred plan for the CDP in June 2014.

The basic framework, design, and principles guiding the CDP have not changed since that time. Canada Lands Company has continued to collaborate directly with City departments and other agencies over the past year to address the technical requirements for the necessary development approvals.

In February 2015, the City's Technical Advisory Committee began its full review of the draft CDP and more than 30 supporting studies. The CDP is now ready for City's official public review and approval process.

The City of Ottawa has now posted all of the plans and studies submitted by Canada Lands Company for the municipal planning approvals required for redevelopment of the former CFB Rockcliffe. To find a full list of these documents please visit the CLC Rockcliffe Lands site.


Development Applications with the City of Ottawa

Last Update April 30, 2015


In keeping with practice in other parts of Ottawa, city heritage staff will now send the RPRA electronic versions of development applications for Rockcliffe Park. Development, in this sense, means alterations to buildings, proposals for demolitions and new construction and other applications requiring review under the Ontario Heritage Act.

These notices will be posted on the City page as soon as they are received.


Please Join The RPRA


The 2016 Application Form is available now. Please fill it in and deliver to the RPRA mail box in front of the Community Hall. Thank you for your support.



The RPRA’s success depends on membership support. A high participation rate raises our profile at City Hall. For information on our activities, with suggestions for the RPRA or to volunteer to help contact Brian Dickson at 744-4481.




The RPRA’s mission is to:

promote a vision of the Village of Rockcliffe Park as a vibrant, heritage-designated community, determined to preserve and enhance its unique natural, architectural, social and cultural environment as well as its rich history and quality of life, for the lasting benefit of future generations.

foster the sense of community in the Village.

nurture, conserve and maintain the natural environment of the Village, to protect and preserve the heritage character of the Village and to represent the interests of the residents of the Village.

Annual membership is $25.00 per household. Forms may also be obtained at the Community Police Centre, 360 Springfield Road


Rockcliffe Park Community Centre


The community Centre is located at 380 Springfield at the Jubilee Garden, corner of Mariposa Avenue and Buchan road, Tel: 613-842-8578.


Rockcliffe Park Community Centre Office Hours

Residents may register for courses online on the City of Ottawa recreation page.

Community centre office hours as of September 23 are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1:30 - 4 pm.


The Community Centre is available for rent.


Hal Steacy's - The Village Scene

View Hal Steacy's Village Scene cartoons from past issues in his annual books.

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